35th A.U.C  (Reserve Officer Cadets)
Aosta, April - August 1964

Supporting Uganda

The 35th A.U.C. Course was held at the Aosta Alpine Military School, at the Chiarle Barracks under the guidance of Captain Mauro Spreafico. The Platoon of Fusiliers was also molded through the indefatigable engagement of Second Lieutenant Massimo Guandalini (33rd Course).

The “Thirtifivers” with Guanda (Guandalini, second from left) on top of the Emilius Mountain in 1964

Annual Meetings:

Il 35° Corso AUCSince discharge in July 1965, the Reserve Officer Cadets have met annually every first week-end of October in various Italian cities. In 1969 Massimo Guandalini started to join the meetings and has never stopped -nobody really knows if in search of the glory for so much teaching effort or if seeking forgiveness for his excessive zeal in carrying our his previous duties.

Supporting Uganda:

During the meeting of October 2003 in Parma, the Cadets, learning that Guanda was about to leave for Uganda on a mission, left him with the change of the restaurant bill, which caused disproportioned thanks from the beneficiary, the Combonian friar missionary that was with us. Then the latter revealed to the rest of the company that the children in Uganda had “stolen the heart” of the former iron Lieutenant. As a consequence of this news the 35th AUC boys gave Guanda the amount of € 13,125 which was used to pay for 5 new rooms within the first aid medical unit in Kyeibuza .

The moral reward for this first accomplishment caused a change in the modes of the initiative which from a “One-off payment”  became an “As long as Guanda will keep visiting Uganda”. As a result the Thirtifivers have collected and delivered another € 14,020 which will turn out essential to the building of an operating room at the hospital of Kitanga.

Those who still believe in stories (and not a few can be found among the Alpine troopers) and want to join us in this initiative may make their donations to the FONDAZIONE RUGGERO HILBE. Click here to learn how.


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